Human Error - Marija Scekic Histeria Nova

Human error (2010)

Human error (2010)

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bežični Motion Capture Sistem u predstavi Human Error
o predstavi Human Error-plesna scena


Human Error is a 50min long multimedia dance piece about the eternal human desire (and inability) to seperate emotions and reason in order to reach perfection. The project was created with a scientific support by dr.Milan Radoš, a radiologist from the Neuron Poliklinic in Zagreb (The Croatian Institute for Brain Research).

The performance introduces wireless Motion Capture System
designed and developed by Byte Lab from Zagreb. It is a system based on great number of small accelerometers located on a body – from sensors to module which acquires data from them and wirelessly transmits them to a computer. Sensors record every movement, as they are placed on a key body parts – joints, wrists, legs, spine and also used as an instrument which transforms body movements into sounds.

see VIDEO below:

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Created, directed and performed by: Marija Šćekić

Animation/ interactive video: Jerome Delapierre, Draško Ivezić

Music: Kristijan Funarić, Ranko Šajfar

Interactive sound: Timothy Sutton

Motion capture: Danijel Babić

Photography: Nina Đurđević, Sandra Vitaljić

Costume: Mihaela Županić

Documentary film: Čejen Černić


Dušan Maksimovski- teology (pneumatology)

Zdravko Radman – philosophy (physical vs cognitive)

dr Milan Radoš, pHd – radiology (fMRI)

Organized and produced by:Marija Šćekić – Histeria NOVA



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