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Histeria Nova


The name HISTERIA NOVA Artistic organization comes from the Greek word husterā (womb), and word supernova (the explosion of a planetary matter resulting with a complete collapse of the star or with a creation of new life).

For many years, the name was a pseudonym for Marija Scekic, an independent dance artist, choreographer and producer. In July 2005, the name Histeria NOVA officially became a registered nonprofit Artistic organization with efforts to explore dance and choreography as a movement theatre where elements of audio-visual and performance arts are inseparable.

In 2007 Histeria NOVA Artistic organization was awarded with Special Acknowledgment for large contribution in promotion of the importance of entrepreneurship and potentials of young people in the Republic of Croatia (European Commission and Umis-Smea, 2007).


The work within the organization is structured in four major directions:

1. HYSTERIUM – a theatre for creation and production of full-evening dance and multimedia performances  (Croatian Dramatic Artists Award, 2006)

2. VERTICAL DANCE  –   a development of 1st Vertical Dance Training Center in Republic of Croatia – a new form of performance art for promotion, conservation and protection of Croatian cultural and natural heritage 

3. EDUCATION – Marija Scekic’ School of Natural Movement and Dance

4. SINETOGRAPHY –  personal research in movement notation and choreography


Marija Scekic’s collaborators are people from many different fields of human studies; art (dance, music, visual art, film), new media technology (interactive video, wireless motion capture, embedded systems), neuroscience (radiology), theology (pneumatology), marine biology (underwater acoustics and systems of communication of whales and dolphins) to mountain climbers, national geography researchers (natural haritage protection) and earth studies specialists.

All Histeria Nova projects are providing free workshops, lectures or presentations from selected themes of the above fields and are offered to elementary and high schools to academic institutions in Croatia and abroad.




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