Baccara - Marija Šćekić - Histeria Nova

Baccara (2000)

Baccara (2000)

Baccara is a multimedia performance, an abstract and obscure interpretation of a story, written by Ranko Sajfar. The project is a full evening multimedia event of contemporary dance, experimental sound, stage design and photography. Dance and music composition were created through selection of improvised material and then edited, rearranged and reconstructed to fit the narrative form of the story. The choreography consists of five parts created through ‘motif development’ dance sequencing. The stage was designed not to reveal, but to “sense and resemble” the relationship between five musicians and two dancers. Photos were taken and exhibited not to present or introduce the storyboard, but to show creative phases in which the project was brought to life.


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Choreography, artistic direction: Marija Scekic

Dancers: Mariusz Jedrzejewsky, Marija Scekic

Live sound: “Kabir Bedi” (sampling: Mario Sulina)

Stage design: Hrvoje Duvnjak

Photography: Krunoslav Rac

Audio production: Mario Sulina, Boris Miholjek

Produced by: Marija Scekic (Histeria NOVA)


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