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BWSC 2013

BWSC 2013

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The opening ceremony of the 14th International Big Wall Speed Climbing event started with a vertical dance performance by Marija Scekic on the Paklenica rock known among the climbers as Ljuska (Shell). The 20 minute dance performance is a remake of a theatre piece Little Tragedy about a wounded bird that is dying (premiered in February 2011 at Zagreb Dance Center). The performance is a result of the artistic-scientific collaboration between Marija Scekic and Gordan Lukač, ScD, author of Book “Atlas of Birds” and the Head of the Department of Professional Activities of Protection, Maintenance, Preservation, promotion and Use of the National Park. The idea was to raise public awareness towards growing number of of endangered Birds of Prey living in Paklenica National Park

This first performance (out of six) is a spectacular integration of art, nature, science and sport that also marked the beginning of a three-year dance project The Gates of Velebit produced by Histeria Nova in collaboration with Paklenica National Park.

The proceeds for this performance were donated to the Educational Center for Protection of Birds of Prey in Mala Paklenica.


Author/ choreographer / performer: Marija Scekic
Rigging: Davor Divkovic, Ivica Galac, Zeljko Njegovan
Lights: Sasa Bogojevic
Sound: Ranko Sajfar
Animation / video edit: Majda Dzanic
Costume: Mihaela Gregov
Video (birds): Josip Tomaic
Camera: Marko Lokas, Jurica Lokas
Photography: Stipe Surac
Trailer: Dennis Brunn

Expert adviser: Gordan Lukac, ScD
(Department of Professional Activities of Protection, Maintenance, Preservation, Promotion and Use of the National Park)

Artistic Direction: Marija Scekic
Public realations: Dragica Jovic, Marjana Marasovic, Marija Scekic
Organization: Histeria Nova in collaboration with Paklenica National Park
Production: Histeria Nova, 2013

Sponsors: Ministry of culture of the republic of Croatia, County of Starigrad-Paklenica, Iglu Sport
Partners: Paklenica National Park, Paklenica Avanturist, Touris Board of Starigrad Paklenica

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