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Dissapearance, TRAFO (2014)

Dissapearance, TRAFO (2014)
The Program “Dissapearance” was staged for the opening night of TRAFO Event in Zadar that consists of Artistic Retreat / Workshop, Performance Acts and Open Laboratory in public space to spotlight social impact with and through artistic practice. TRAFO is an international change initiative (The Moving Academy Berlin) for and from innovators of the local scene of Zadar (Teatar VeRRdi) and international guests for exchange and mindful activism.

The program content:

20:00 – Opening word by ornitologist Gordan Lukač (Paklenica National park)

20:05 – “PAKLENPTICA” – projection of photographs by Stipe Surać

20:20-“Stone heart” – projection of film by Boris Šeper

21:00 – “Nestajanje” – vertical dance performance by Marija Šćekić


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