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Human Body – Brain Connection

Human Body – Brain Connection

Human body is a biological oscillator (a body that vibrates) with brain (complex system of electrical vibrations) and heart, (full of electrical voltage). Each attempt to separate one from the other is as wrong as it is natural’ (typical) for the man. According to Antonio Damasio and his neuroscientific thesis “the connection between emotions and reason, in which feelings represent a fundamental basis for rational contemplation and a normal social behavior” is the initial idea that resulted in creation of Human Error performance by Marija Scekic.  Magnetic Resonance (MR)  uses strong magnetic fields to align atomic nuclei within body tissues and this workshop is a power point presentation / lecture by dr Milan Rados, radiologist from Neuron Policlinik in Zagreb who addresses the following questions:

-Can musical talent be objectively analyzed through fMRI?

-what is the emotional activity of brain during creative processes?

-What happens inside the brain of a dancer when she/he is imagining their movement performance?

-What is the affect of art to bilogy of human brain?

-Are there biological indicators of beauty?

-What are the evolutionary roots of art?

-What is the relation between cognitive and emotional processes in human brain during creating, performing and experiencing art work?

-What can be read from mentally disabled patience?


Milan Radoš is the Assistant Professor at Croatian Institute for Brain Research since 1998. He is co-author of the following studies: Fluid Perfusion as a Method of Cerebrospinal Fluid Formation Rate – Critical Appraisal (2008), Structural Basis of Developmental Plasticity in the Corticostriatal System 2008), Effect of Head Position on Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure in Cats: Comparison with Artificial Model (2006)

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