Free Fall - Marija Scekic - Histeria Nova

Free Fall (1999)

Free Fall (1999)

According to the Greek mythology, God Dyonisus had female followers known as  Maenad . Those were women known for their franzic dances. These rituals were in fact eccentric, high-energy and somewhat self-aggressive acts, so that their emotional pain and emptiness would be “purged” of excessive physical-sexual lusts and their spiritual self-fulfilment enhanced to preserve honour, loyalty and devotion to their lost love. To a bystander, such a dance ritual primarily left an impression of possessiveness, known as hysteria or “female madness”.


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Concept, choreography: Marija Šćekić

Performers: JoDee Allen, Claudia Fancello, Genevieve-Lydia Lambert, Marija Scekic

Sound conception: Jean-Francois Prud’homme

Light design: Cathia Pagotto

Scenography: Simon Guilbault

Photo: Daniel Arcè

Produced by Marija Scekic, Katie Ewald in collaboration with Concordia Dance department and Theatre La Chapelle


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