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The Wall (2012)

The Wall (2012)

“THE WALL – blockade or motivation” is a solo perfomance by Marija Scekic staged at the closing night of the 10th International Art Simpozium in Karlobag, 2012.

A play with symbolic name “The Wall” showed all the obstacles (from financial to emotional ones) that the artist encounters in the process of creating a work of art. A project is dealing with conservation, rehabilitation and revitalization of the Kava Mediterranean Garden  from 16th century,  declared protected monument by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

The collaboration between Sergije Mihić and Marija Šćekić is dedicated to the junction of the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) where the dance performance in Kava by Marija Šćekić would represent the fifth, missing element of love.  In addition and during the dance performance, Sergije Mihić would perform “live painting” of the dance performance and the works will be later be supplemented in his studio, in a series of oil paintings called “Painter and the imagination.”

The Kava is a part of the medieval fortress St. Karlo Borromeo. Besides horticultural restauration, the garden got also a complete new gallery purpose. It already accommodates a dozen of sculptures and mosaics. A construction of the object represents a gallery and an atelier is planned in the near future which would preserve the monumental dignity from further deterioration, while the gallery and multimedia cultural content would enrich and give a new purpose to the building complex and the city of Karlobag.



Sergije Mihić was born in 1942 in the town of Rijeka. He graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1966. and is a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists. He cooperates with many famous artists (Murtić, Kujundžić, etc.) He is a Founder and Artistic Director of “Otvoreni Atelier” Asociation.

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