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Modulation of forms (2007)

Modulation of forms (2007)

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The performance is inspired by marine mammals’ system of communication. Humpback whales continuously modify their songs over time through modulation, addition and deletion of individual sounds and some use the mechanism of echolocation to communicate with other species. In creation of “Modulation of shapes” (part 2), small movement patterns were selected and written in a form of graphic chart (choreographic notation created by Marija Scekic) and software was made to translate this score into 3D visualization to represent bioluminiscence – the ability of a deep sea organisms to self produce light. Each performer was shown as one amorphous, vibrating form in virtual space and each dancer was portrayed as one unit (sound coda- an individual physical movement pattern). Positions of performer in virtual and real space are the same and the change in movement of a performer causes the change in vibration and shape of adequate virtual body. The choreography is created through six parts which correspond to sounds of six different whale species culminating with duet to a humpback whale song.

The project’s aim was to raise the Croatian public awareness of underwater sound pollution, causing death to many whales and dolphins.

see video below:

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Concept, choreography, artistic direction: Marija Scekic

dancers: Sara Barbieri, Masa Kolar, Marija Mrdjenovic, Irena Grguric, Martina Tomic, Marija Scekic, (Sanja Hrgetic, Tanja Skubic Pipinic)

sampling, programming, audio production: Ranko Sajfar

5.1. surround sound producers: Ivo Lorencin, Predrag Cosic

lights: Sasa Bogojevic, Livio Marecic

software for 3D visualization: Ivan Marusic, Marija Scekic

animation: Ivan Klif Marusic

costumes: Nina Maricic Spajic


movement: Silvy Panet-Raymond (Concordia University Contemporary Dance department (Montreal, Canada)-

voice: Mirela Brnetic-(Studio Kubus/ MB School for singers, Zagreb, Croatia)-

marine biology: Ms Tomislav Gomercic,PhD (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb

underwater sound pollution: Nikolina Rako (Blue World Institute for Research and Conservation of sea)

photography: Andrej Car

graphic design, layout: Tea Jankovic

organized and produced by: Histeria NOVA, 2006-2007


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