Modulations - Marija Scekic- Histeria Nova

Modulations (1996)

Modulations (1996)

The sound distributes energy at any given moment and across the range of many different audio frequencies which create spectrum of sound. This work is an exploration of sound waves and their physical laws of transformation.

The choreography represents deconstruction of organized human movement caused by manipulation of dancers’ inner energy source. See Fourier Series about transformation of sine to sqare wave:sine-to-square


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Author, choreographer: Marija Scekic

Dancers: JoDee Allen, Katie Ewald, Natasha Motard, Leslie Fisher

Music: Sean Kosa

Produced by: Concordia Contemporary Dance Department

The work was selected as a representative Concordia Contemporary Dance at Show des Universitaites Montrealaises (Spectrum Theatre- 1998)

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