Movement & Light

Movement and light

Movement and light

The course”Movement and Light” was originally created as part of Marija Scekic’s “Crollateral Movement” educational program in Croatia. In August 2011 it was restructured in a 3 week intensive workshop in collaboration with Karen Maria Jonsdottir (former dance program director) and Egill Ingibergsson from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik. The course consists of three seperate parts:

PART A: Introduction to basic lighting structure (DIMMERS, LIGHTING DESKS, DMX, INTRODUCTION TO VALUES (40W / 60W/ 1000W (how intense the light is), INTRODUCTION TO SYMBOLS, Dangerous lights, LED light emiting diode, Fluorescent light, Black light / emitting ultraviolet rays, Lasers, stroboscobe, Video  projectors, Smoke machines etc..)

PART B / Practical

Assignment: Analyzing and grouping the photographs in relation to the way they are lighted while bringing awareness to students about the position and direction of lights in the theatre

PART C: Creating short pieces based on given assignment


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