One - Histeria Nova

One (2002)

One (2002)

The choreography resulted from coordination of a body within a kinesphere, a self-restricted space. The movement vocabulary is defined by the development of a single sequence in twelve peripheral points -harmony scale A. During each scene, the silver 30-edged metal construction is gradually being revealed while creating and reflecting a unique relationship between separate body movements of the dancer and the architecture in space.  Music is a composition in five pieces, based on 4bars miniature fully introduced in first piece. All five pieces are composed by use of fragmentation, object and “excerpts” techniques. See who made and how the construction of stage happened:  Icosahedron


CREDITS:Choreography, performance: Marija Scekic

Music for string quartet: Zoran Scekic

Music performed by: Slavonsky String Quartet

Light design: Deni Sesnic

Icosahedron constructed by:  Zoran Scekic, Dusan Saponja, Vlado Klasovic

Photo: Nino Solic, Marija Scekic

Produced by Marija Scekic (Histeria Nova)

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