One reconstructed - Marija Scekic - Histeria nova

One -reconstructed (2005)

One -reconstructed (2005)

One (reconstructed) is an interactive solo performance with sound and prerecorded music for string quartet. Every abstract movement in dance reveals a “story”… underneath which there is a dynamic thought, a visual pictEditure defined by the nature of movement and conscious will of a dancer to shift and move inside, outside and within the boundaries of these movements. Within strictly defined choreography, music and light structure (created in 2002) performer is left with new space for interpretation but almost no room to improvise’. Accompanied by digitally processed and modified dancer’s breath, the entire performance creates ONE active thought within a mutual construction.



Concept, choreographeyperformance: Marija Scekic

Music for string quartet: Zoran Scekic

Interactive sound: Predrag Cosic

Light design: Deni Sesnic

Scenographers: Zoran Scekic, Vlado Klasovic, Dusko Saponja

Musicians: Slavonsky String Quartet”

Photo: Sandra Vitaljic

Produced by Histeria NOVA Premiered at ZKL Theatre, Zagreb (2005)




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