Rhythm of Low Harmony - Zoran Scekic - Histeria Nova

Rhythm of low harmony (2007)

Rhythm of low harmony (2007)

Major focus in this piece was placed on music, composed by Zoran Scekic. The choreography structure is partially predetermined by musical structure and supports the major idea behind the title, highlighting subtle, most sophisticated movements in both music and dance.The musical composition is made of 3 interconnected parts. First part is improvisation without time praising based on contrast and similarity. Trumpet and acoustic guitar are producing sounds, not tones. Second part is improvisation in time plus written part played by computer. Basic music materials are still sounds. In the third part, sounds are replaced with tones. Written parts of this composition are dealing with Pythagoras intervals of certain chords. The basic idea of composition is to work with those intervals with or without using tones (as in the 2nd part).  Playing simultaneously tempos of 40, 50 and 60 Bpm we are creating rhythm built on quarter notes, quarter quintolas and quarter triplets. This can be rhythmic analogy to the major chord. In this way is created a method to explore harmony of very low frequency – harmony of rhythm.



Zoran Scekic (composition, arrangement, el.guitar, modified slide guitar)

Marija Scekic (movement research, performance )

Artistic adviser:  Silvy Panet-Raymond

Lights: Sasa Bogojevic, Silvy Panet-Raymond

Costumes: Nina Maricic Spajic

Trumpet: Davor Krizic

Computer sampling: Vjekoslav Njezic (vibraphone, woodblock)

Studio recording, mix and mastering: Hrvoje Niksic

Organized and produced by: Histeria NOVA in collaboration with CANTUS d.o.o.

Computer sampling: Vjekoslav Njezic (vibraphone, woodblock)


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