Shadow - Sjena - Marija Šćekić - Histeria Nova

Shadow (2004)

Shadow (2004)




“SJENA” (Shadow) balances between forms of classical ballet, contemporary dance, butoh and free jazz music. It is an attempt to create dance which dwells within opposite dynamics of two dancers, completely different in terms of their race, sex, age, nationality, cultural background, dance education and artistic expression, political and religious beliefs. Their differences create one mutual thought, a movement in which they both look the same. The performances was nominated in three categories (choreography, performance and creation) and got awarded with Croatian Dramatic Artist’s Award for the best dance creation in whole.


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Author, choreographer, artistic director: Marija Scekic

Performers: Tadashi Endo, Marija Scekic

Music: Zoran Scekics

Sound production: Predrag Cosic (Digital Media Lab-Zadar)

Lights: Branko Cvjetičanin (Saša Fistrić)

Photo: Sandra VitaljicProduced and organized by Histeria NOVA, 2004.


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