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Silent Dance (2013)

Silent Dance (2013)

“Nijemo kolo” is a silent dance originating from the Dalmatian hinterland in southern Croatia. It is unique in its manner of execution without any musical accompaniment (the performers are mostly men), and is also called the “hollow”, “deaf” and “dumb” round. It’s a basic marker of local identity under which the inhabitants of certain villages, along with other elements of cultural heritage, differ.  In 2011 it was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

The project of Cultural arts center in Sinj called Women in the Dalmatian Hinterland included extensive field research, two exhibitions and a solo dance performance by Marija Scekic that was intended to show the difficult position of women in the patriarchal area from birth to death, throughout the customs characteristic to certain life periods. The dance performance took place at the marketplace (in the city center Sinj) and is a result of collaboration between Marija Scekic and three local folklore companies (KUD Sinj, KUD Glavice, KUD Brnaze).

Production: The Sikirica Gallery 2013.

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