Stepping into between in (1998) - Histeria Nova

Stepping into between in (1998)

Stepping into between in (1998)

The initial idea for creation of this interactive performance (dance, video) was in choreographer’s inability (at that time) to speak and move at the same time. In this attempt to open up vocal chords and integrate voice with movement, only consonants S, T, P and B came out of  performer’s mouth. Later in the process, these sounds were used as basic elements for creation of music, a sound environment which symbolized ‘step’ into new performing dimension (interactive theatre). Few months later, the choreography was restructured for a short film, featuring two dance actors.

Choreography and video conception: Marija Šćekić

Dancers (projected): Marie-France Garon, Annick Brisindi

Camera, editing: Philippe Roy

Sound construction: Cindy Di Labio

Produced by: Concordia Contemporary dance department Department of Electroacoustic music Department of Audio-Visual Servises

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