Time Sindrom 4A - Marija Scekic - Histeria Nova

Time sindrom 4a (2001)

Time sindrom 4a (2001)

The choreography is predefined by set movement in strictly structured space. Four dancers represent movement dynamics within an atom and stage is their energy nucleus. When three embodied “egos” (performers) enter the stage, the perfectly stable nucleus is affected and becomes unstable. The resulting condition is a dynamic interaction of different mental states and performing qualities. Syndrom 4A is a psychoanalytical term for a symptom which refers to mental dysfunction with resulting behaviour(s) -Autism, Association, Ambivalence, Affection. This choreography reflects a physical experience of an alienated patient whose mental energy travels, shifts and transforms in accordance to their symptomatic behaviour.


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Concept, choreography, artistic direction: Marija Scekic

Dancers: Ana Juric, Irene Belic, Sanja Kocon, Magda Bozikovic, JoDee Allen, Claudia Fancello, Marija Scekic

Sound conception: Mario Sulina

Lights: Sasa Fistric

Photo: Mario Sulina

Produced by Marija Scekic (Histeria NOVA) in collaboration with Studio Action


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