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Adriatic Dolphin Project

Adriatic Dolphin Project

After the premiere of ‘Modulation shape 2’ multimedia dance performance (which explores the nature of marinne mammals systems of communication) Marija Scekic has joined the  project ‘Save the Last Adriatic Dolphins’, created, supervised and led by Tomislav Gomerčić and VAL Association for environment protection.

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Dolphins and whales have been under legal protection in the Adriatic Sea since 1995. The act prohibits any form of harassment of these marine mammals or killing them. Yet, results of recent studies have shown that the Adriatic dolphins urgently need additional protection.  Whales use a mechanism called echolocation to ‘see’ with their ears. Even in the clearest waters, it is impossible to see beyond 30m, as anyone who has ever done any diving will certainly know. Sound travels quite well in water, however. So in order to locate their prey and find their way underwater, toothed whales make a high-frequency sound. They direct a beam of click-like sounds and listen to the echoes that return from objects in the path of the sound. From the sound’s echo they can understand whether there is an object or fish in front of them and how far away it is. This is called echolocation.

The project’s long-term is to raise the Croatian public awareness of underwater sound pollution, causing death to many whales and dolphins.

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