Little Tragedy vertical dance in croatia- Histeria Nova

Little Tragedy (2011)

Little Tragedy (2011)

‘Living on the edge’ is the main idea of a new dance work by Marija Šćekić about an injured bird dying due to fatal flight towards skyscraper in Zagreb.

The Law on nature protection explicitly forbidds any manipulation with wild animals. Wild animals are daily injured in traffic, due to poaching activities, intentional mutilation and raptors due to superstition in some parts of Croatia. Awap Association in Croatia is dealing with these and similar problems every day.

The “free fall” sequence in the performance when Marija Scekic throws herself from a 3m high platform (secured by rope rigging system) is a symbolical manifestation of danger, risk-taking, anxiety, courage and fear caused by modern life and urban boundaries.


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Direction and performance: Marija Šćekić

Rigging: Ivica Radić, Vladimir Novak

Sampling, programming and sound production: Ranko Šajfar

Music for the piano (composition, performance): Zoran Šćekić

Lighting: Saša Bogojević

Animation: Majda Džanić

Costume/ Set Design: Mihaela Županić, Marija Šćekić

Photography: Zrinka Funarić, Nina Đurđević

Organization: Marija Šćekić, Zrinka Funarić, Čejen Černić

Production: Histeria NOVA 2010-2011 in collaboration with Zagreb Dance Center

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