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Krunoslav Rac

Krunoslav Rac

Krunoslav Rac and Marija Šćekić have been friends from their earliest childhood through elementary and high school. In 2000 when Marija returned to Croatia, Kruno was assigned a photographer position for Baccara, a multimedia full evening show, created and produced by Histeria Nova in Djakovo. Soon after, Kruno left Slavonija and moved to North Velebit where he specialized in natural photography and became true lover and explorer of the mountain and wild life animals. Soon, he wrote and published his first book- “Velebit – iskustvo planine” (2010) and few years later the second one was created and published as well – “Zemlja vuka i vjetra”(2014).

In 2014, he founded Lupus Association in Sv.Juraj and works as a freelance photographer, writer and journalist.


North Velebit is highly threatened by one of the most severe soil erosions in Europe . This is a major problem in the coastal part of the biosphere reservation of Velebit. As a result of dwindling human activity (both grazing and harvesting are gradually being abandoned), grasslands have yielded to certain types of thicket and forests only, which has in turn resulted in diminishing of biodiversity. Stronger pressures on forestry, especially with respect to the construction of many new forest  trails and roads. Hunting pressures are on the rise (poaching, inaccurate data on game numbers) as well as rising pressures of tourism, road transportation, severe tapping on water resources, cases of illegal picking  of plants and butterflies.

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