1st VD Workshop in Croatia - Histeria Nova

1st VD Workshop in Croatia

1st VD Workshop in Croatia

28th – 30th April 2016

Teachers: Kate Lawrence, Despina Goula and Marija Šćekić (1st day)

Riggers: Mario Pinjuh,  Josip Diklić (HGSS members)

Participants: Ivana Bešker, Josipa Kvaternik (Triko Cirkus, Zagreb), Sarah Mac Keever (Belfast, Ireland), Lucija Mikas (Sv.Filip i Jakov-Zadar), Nives Soldičić (Rijeka), Tomislav Tomaić (Rijeka)

The workshop was organized by Marija Scekic and produced by Histeria Nova as part of “Vrata Velebita” -a multimedia dance project by Marija Scekic (season 2016, Paklenica).

Kate Lawrence and Marija Scekic are members of VDF- Vertical Dance Forum, initiated by Fabrice Guillot/ Cie Retouramont from Paris, France. What is vertical dance and who the teachers/members of VDF group are – check HERE


Vertical dance combines dance with climbing equipment to raise the dancer off the ground.  The vertical wall becomes a vertical dance floor and the dancer re-orientates their body.  In this workshop we introduced Kate Lawrence and her lovely assistant Despina Goula. Kate Lawrence is the Artistic Director of vertical dance company VDKL based in Banghor (North Wales, UK) who began by explaining safe use of equipment and exploring the sensations of the suspended body in the location of the Velika Paklenica canyon (1st day of the workshop, kanjon Velike paklenice – National park Paklenica).

Then, for the 2nd day of the workshop, the participants moved on to learning specific movements and sequences as they moved to a diferrent, more challenging location for learning more demanding techniques and for gaining more agility skills (Vaganac, Nature park Velebit).  This location provided a plenty of the opportunities to do some creative exploration of vertical dance in natural surrounding. Thanks to professional riggers and two members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Association, Mario Pinjuh and Josip Dik, the participants were safe and secure.

At the last day of the workshop, a short presentation took place in Vaganac with short sequences created by participants under the guidance of Kate Lawrence and Despina Goula.

SPONSORS:  Somnium Grupa, Buffet Kožino, University of Banghor

For more information about up-coming Histeria Nova vertical dance workshops in Croatia, please send e-mail to info@histerianova.com or call +385(0)91-1181888



Kate Lawrence has 15 years experience of working in the field of vertical dance, as a choreographer and an educator.  She runs Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence, a company which specializes in dance work that uses rock climbing equipment to lift the dancer into the air.  She is the member of Vertical dance Forum.

Marija Šćekić is the pionir of vertical dance in Croatia. She created her first vertical dance performance in Zagreb Dance center in 2011 and is the author of first vertical dance project in Croatia (The Gates of Velebit). She is the member of Vertical dance Forum – a development project initiated by Fabrice Guillot (Cie Retouramont).

The 2016 verrical dance workshop was attended via Histeria Nova VD Program 2016 at Paklenica National park.

photos: Danijel Stručić


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