IV. SYNETOGRAPHY - Histeria Nova



INNER PULSATION as a source / Frequency of inner body movement

MOVEMENT NOTATION as a result / Sinetography

Like Earth, all humans pulsate. The resonant frequency of Earth’s ionosphere, known as Shumann resonance (7,83 Hz) and the EEG frequency of alpha waves inside our human brain (8-13 Hz) are coresponding with simmilar values. Is this the coincidence or is it true that the dynamics of energy between human and our nature are interconnected.The human sensorium is made of interconnected system of various sinesthetic qualities such as sight, smell, taste and hearing, among others. The observation of everything (body, space, time) is the starting point for me as a choreographer. These movements are not ‘visible’ but they resonate within our eyes, echoes in our ears and shivers our womb, at all times. “Sinetografija” as an idea, comes from two words:

SINESTHESIA – the Ancient Greek σύν aisthēsis meaning “with sensation” represents neurological condition in which two or more bodily senses are coupled;    and

CHOREOGRAPHY (literally “dance-writing” or “dance composition” as the art of making structures in which certain movement occurs). The term Dance composition may also refer to the navigation or connection of movement structures.

As a result, I have invented my own movement notation


In 1996, I created my first choreography called ‘Modulations‘ that was based on the idea about transformation of sound waves. Four dancers symbolically represented four different types of sound waves (sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave) and the choreography structure symbolically represented physical laws of energy transformation.

Since then, I have continued to work in the same direction, exploring energy (human, air or planetary) on a global level. In 2004, I started to get interested in Electroencephalography and started to read more about brain waves. What really fascinated me is that the frequency of the border between Alpha-Theta brain waves inside human brain symbolises a condition of a fully active mind and fully relaxed body and it ranges between 7-8 Hz. This value corresponds to the resonant frequency of Earth’s ionosphere (7.83Hz) and this discovery led me to further readings on Earth magnetic fields Schumann resonances and the dynamics of energy between human and our nature. This influenced me to create the piece “Shadow” (sjena) which balances between two dancers and their completely different background in terms of  race, sex, age, nationality, cultural, religious and political believes, their dance background, education, artistic expression and life philosophy. Their differences create one mutual thought, a movement in which they both look the same.

In “Modulation-shape 2” (2007), I was interested in learning more about sound distribution in water and this led me to exploration of marine mammal’s system of communication and whale sounds. I became fascinated by the beauty and nature of Humpback whale (Megaptera Novaeangliae) and created choreographic structure which resembled the structure of one Humpback song . In this project I continued to develop the notation which needed to be transformed into a software for animation and this made me really interested in new media technology and possibilities it provide.

In 2010, I returned to my previous interest in human biology science and the focus was placed on physiology of human emotion and the connection between emotions and rationality, as according to work by Antonio Damasio. My efforts were to create a duet between virtual entity and live performer that would be resemble a unity of mind, body and soul – a Holy Trinity.  To write a choreography, I used the same system of notation and tried to translate it into software for live generation and 3D projection of abstract images. Instead of a software, a wireless motion capture system was developed by Danijel Babic, founder of Byte Lab co. from Zagreb.



– to explore interaction of human movement with other life forms (art and non-art)

– to make technology and new media art work for enhancement of strong artistic vision

– to make technology work for development of human mankind

– to initiate creative learning among young people but also non-dance focused children and collaborations between dance and non dance institutions

– to further develop synetographic movement notation (original score notation) and explore possibilities for creation of interface for live interactive choreography on stage.

– to work in a positive and strictly professional environment

– to work towards development and promotion of human rights and basic but most needed real life values/a

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