Vertical Dance Forum -Starigrad Paklenica, 2015 - Histeria Nova

Vertical Dance Forum -Starigrad Paklenica, 2015

Vertical Dance Forum -Starigrad Paklenica, 2015

3rd – 7th December 2015
1st transnational meeting

Vertical Dance Forum

watch VDF FILM to see who we are and what we do

From its’ beginning 30 years ago, vertical dance evolved from the multiple practices and influences of it’s initial instigators.

Vertical dance was born from the desire to explore space, environment and become a place where everything was possible. Over a period of several years, these explorers managed to create a common body language and to elaborate techniques that would engage with stages, cities and natural spaces in new and exciting ways.

The Vertical Dance Centre, created by Cie Retouramont, wishes to lead a reflection on vertical dance as an innovative and major practice nowadays. A first meeting with 6 other European and international vertical dance actors (Fidget Feet (Ireland), Il Posto (Italy), Gravity & Levity(Great Britain), Kate Lawrence (North Wales), Aeriosa (Canada), Histeria Nova (Croatia)) took place in Ireland, hosted by the University of Limerick and Fidget Feet, November 5 & 6, 2014.
This first step focused on common interests and questions related to the practice, transmission and research. The meeting in Starigrad Paklenica will focus on Safety and Security issues including the nature of collaboration between dancersand riggers.

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