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Šibenik Dance School

Šibenik Dance School

On 24th May 2016, the first generation of Marija Šćekić’s students (3rd and 4th grade) performed “The Doll House- Matrixed” in front  of the full Croatian National Theatre House in Šibenik. It was the first full-evening dance performance (40min) showing students as half-alive dolls trapped within rules and systems that unables them to become who they really are. The show was performed in Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik, in front of the full house audience and parents who had an opportunity to witness their kids transforming  into high-class profesional dancers with such level of concentration, focus, emotional expression and stage maturity that, literarly, surpassed the boundaries of the current Croatian national contemporary dance education program.

The “Doll House – Matrixed” will be performed again, on 23rd September 2016 at HNK Šibenik for the public audience.


The first Elementary School for Ballet and Contemporary dance in the history of Šibenik City was founded in September 2012. The School offers certified education for young dancers. The Head Master of the School, Natko Duvnjak, initiated collaboration with Marija Šćekić in 2012 that resulted with Marija’s teaching engagement as a Program Director and Contemporary Dance teacher.


-ballet (2h per week)
-contemporary dance 4h/week (1st and 2nd year), 6h/week (3rd and 4th year student)
-rhythmics (1h per week) and
-music (1h per week)

-piano lessons (individual schedule)


For more info, contact:
e-mail: ravnatelj.jdalmatinac@gmail.com
tel: +385-(0)22 212 451

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