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an online workshop/lecture in 3 sessions

Lecturer/Teacher • Valentina Lacmanović, interdisciplinary artist (Dance, Video and Performance Art)

The goal of the workshop is to attempt to understand how dance was and still is a major medium for connecting with our own humanity and how it becomes a survival technique, a coping mechanism for physical and mental health.
And – what makes it Art?

Valentina will lead the participants through 3 major topics: dance, ritual and performance by discussing the corresponding historic and geographic references, offering alternative perspectives to the dominant Western definitions. At the end of each session there will be a task for everyone to complete and present during the workshop.
This workshop is open to anyone interested in dance, dance anthropology (ethnochoreology), movement, art therapy and performance.
At the end of the cycle participants will have new elements in order to diversify and challenge their own practice.


  • Session 1 • February 19th 2022 from 10 AM - 12 AM
  • Session 2 • February 26th 2022 from 10 AM - 12 AM
  • Session 3 • March 5th 2022 from 10 AM - 12 AM

Session 1


  • dance as a survival tool for marginalised groups and as relief from social pressure
  • consciousness, awareness, (in)voluntary movement
  • classical, folkloric, ritual and contemporary dance
  • when does movement become a dance?

Session 2


  • role of the dance in rituals: shamanic practices, religious rapture, dance as prayer
  • the role of performance in ritual
  • how the Performing Arts evolved from ritual
  • how contemporary performance ritualises the action
  • transcending the body
  • losing and finding of Self – decomposition and recomposition
  • ontology of belief

Session 3


  • working definition of Performance
  • differences between Performing Arts and Contemporary Performance Art
  • how dance and ritualisation permeate contemporary performance
  • spiritual aspects of Performance Art
  • alterations in consciousness during performance in both performer and audience
  • relevance of live performance in the digital era
  • manifesting the unconscious in performance – through dance


  • review of individual tasks
  • questions and discussion between participants
  • recapitulation and conclusion


  • per session: € 50
  • for entire workshop: € 110
  • number of participants is limited
  • max number in a group: 20 participants


Reservation is MANDATORY by filling out the contact form here. All registered participants will receive a notification with a reminder of the upcoming workshop on February 1st, 2022, as well as information for the payment of the workshop. After confirmation of payment, the information with the Zoom link and your Payment Receipt will be delivered to all participants by e-mail on February 14, 2021.


Valentina is a French (Croatian born) artist living in Amsterdam. Holding an MA degree in Philosophy (Aesthetic) from Université Paris 8, she also studied drama at prestigious CNSAD (National Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Paris. Her body of work fluctuates between Dance, Video Art and Performance Art. Her artwork is based on her research of the connection between trance-like rituals and contemporary performance.

Since 2018 Valentina has been coaching research and performance projects at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Fontys University, Tilburg, NL).


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