Under the common project of the Zadar Puppet Theater and the Zadar Concert Office, in February the Zadar audience will have the opportunity to visit a series of events performed separately by sister and brother Šćekić, specifically choreographer and dancer Marija Šćekić and composer and innovator Zoran Šćekić. A theatrical performance, a concert and two lectures await us, and the common link is a re-examination of the relationship between art and science, mind and heart, classical and innovative.


  • Dance performance: Human Error
  • The play Human Error, authored and solo performed by Marija Šćekić, will be held on Thursday, February 13, starting at 20:00 at the Zadar Puppet Theater with free admission.
  • Concert: Just Music
  • On Tuesday, February 18, starting at 20:00, in the Concert Hall of the Bersa brothers in the Rector's Palace, there will be an author's concert by Zoran Šćekić Just music performed by pianist Ana Žgur. Tickets at the price of 50 kn can be found on sale three days before the concert or online at
  • Lecture: Introduction to Panmonism
  • It is safe to say that Zoran Šćekić is one of the most innovative musicians on our scene. So the day after the concert, on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 18:00, in the Concert Hall of the Bersa brothers in the Rector's Palace, Šćekić will hold a free lecture and present his project called Panmonism, which includes microtonal music, geometry, mechanics, graphics and education.
  • Lecture: Body and brain – neuroscience of dance movement
  • On Friday, February 21, 2020, starting at 19:00, a free lecture will be held in the Concert Hall of the Bersa Brothers in the Rector's Palace, whose speakers are Marija Šćekić and radiologist Dr. sc. Milan Radoš, assistant professor at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research and head of the laboratory for functional brain imaging at the Neuron Polyclinic in Zagreb.


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