Time: March 26th 2022
Location: ONLINE
Organizator: A.o. TRAFIK!

We invite you to the "Crollateral Movement" online workshop led by Marija Šćekić, which is held as part of the "PAP Performing arts program – Sharing of practice VOLUME UP" of the art organization Trafik! PAP Program is a series of online workshops that TRAFIK! has been conducting since 2015 in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

What is Crollateral Movement? What is the application of the organic, somatic stage movement in the field of vertical dance art on an international but also national level? What does the term "New Movement Theater" mean as an interdisciplinary research in the field of performing and audio-visual arts?
The main research subjects in most of Marija Šćekić's projects are biomechanics of human, animal and kinetic movement and "Sinetography" – a choreographic record that deals with the organization of body movements, sound and light as the main features of movement theater in which elements of audio-visual and performing arts are inseparable. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to all the above terminology as well as the basic principles of artistic vision that uncompromisingly follows the work of the Art Organization Histeria Nova over the past two decades.
The workshop is held as part of the program "Sharing of practice VOLUME UP" by Jacques Branko Valenta, which is held on Saturdays during March, April and May 2022 from 5 PM to 7 PM via Google Meet application.
More info: Žak Branko Valenta
Contact e-mail:
Program is financed by Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia.



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